Curtia Wright

Curtia Wright is a multi-disciplinary fine artist, mural artist and arts educator based in Toronto, Ontario. She received her BFA at OCAD University in the Drawing and Painting program in 2015. Her artwork re-imagines our reality using elements of fantasy and surrealism. Using bold and vibrant colour she aims to transport audiences to her alternate worlds. Colour functions as a powerful element to create a sense of bliss within the viewer. Wright’s murals commonly depict abstract figures surrounded by floral or patterned elements. Her murals aim is to brighten the environments that they’re placed in, providing their surroundings with warm vibrant colours. Her narratives focus on telling stories of black peoples of the African dysphoria, primarily speaking about her own heritage as a Jamaican-Canadian. Wright’s work is often autobiographical and inspired by pop-culture, Caribbean mythology & folklore.

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