At some point while visiting your local dispensary, you may have overheard a budtender mention to a fellow patron that a certain flower is hand trimmed vs machine trimmed and wondered what that means, and what the difference is. The main difference of course is exactly as it sounds.

Hand trimmed means that a person took the time and care to hand trim the cultivated bud vs a machine that can nearly strip that precious nug of all its glory!  Hand trimming provides a more personalized creation and takes into consideration the uniqueness of the bud. Things like shape, size, structure and trichomes are all very important characteristics of a bud and a one size fits all approach to trimming is not a good thing.

Machine trimming can and will damage the delicate attributes of the bud.  Vibrations, heat and inaccuracy of the machine all contribute to loss of trichomes and create for the most part unified buds with no defining characteristics.

Hand trimming helps elevate the standard for bud and produces a more aesthetically pleasing result.  Most flower connoisseurs can tell the difference between hand trimmed vs machine trimmed very easily.  When it comes to most things a little TLC goes a long way and your bud is no exception to this rule!