Working with Weed

So …you like weed huh?  Ever thought about a career in the cannabis industry?  If so, you may be surprised to find out there are a ton of options available.  From part time Bud Tender to Grower, CEO/Owner or Executive and everything in between, Cannabis jobs are out there!


As with any career path, education, experience, and passion will help dictate positions that make sense for you.   A quick scan of, LinkedIn or any other job/recruiter board will illustrate the breadth and depth of the available opportunities both locally and nationally depending on your willingness to relocate.

It used to be that a lot of Licensed Producers and Sales Agencies were looking to hire folks with experience in other age restricted product sectors such as alcohol and tobacco.

Times Have Changed

However, times have changed in the job market since October of 2018, when the Canadian Government officially legalized the legal sale of recreational cannabis in this country.


With companies now less focused on previous experience in age restricted product industries and more on actual hands-on knowledge of cannabis, many more doors have opened for those seeking meaningful employment in the weed business.

So, whether you’re like me, someone who loves weed and is working as a part time budtender as a side hustle.  Or you’re a student about to graduate with a degree in marketing, if you love cannabis don’t overlook working in the industry a viable option for you.  Time to get on the Google machine and start searching!