At Soul Rebel, we know you have plenty of options to purchase cannabis. That’s why we take your choice to walk through our doors very seriously. It’s not just about selling cannabis, it’s about connecting and collaborating with the communities we serve. A rising tide lifts all boats, and if everyone’s getting high in those boats, even better. 

In that spirit we recently hosted our first Sip ‘n Chat event at our Beaches location. The evening provided the perfect opportunity to highlight some of our favourite cannabis brands and local small businesses, all while getting to know you better. 

The event wouldn’t have been possible without the support from our generous partners. 

Collective Project

Any craft beer lover’s mouth starts to water at the mention of Collective Arts Brewery, so it was incredibly exciting last year when they announced their intention to enter the cannabis space with their sister company, Collective Project.

 With that kind of legacy, it’s no surprise that Collective Project delivers THC and CBD infused beverages with delicious and sophisticated flavour profiles. Their sparkling teas and juices feature exotic flavours made from fresh fruits and real, cold-pressed fruit juices. We recently profiled their Blood Orange, Yuzu & Vanilla Sparkling Juice in our blog. 

Our shared values make them an ideal collaborator: both Soul Rebel and Collective Project believe in fostering the creative spirit by providing a platform for local artists. 

Feedback at the event was glowing. One customer pointed out how the smoothness and flavour of the beverages paired well with smoking joints. The drinks also offer a range of THC levels, from the mellow Lemon, Honey & Ginger Chamomile Sparkling Tea with 3 mg of THC (purchase from Scarborough), up to the aforementioned Blood Orange, which packs more of a punch at 10 mg (purchase from Scarborough or Beaches).     

Dykstra Greenhouses

Dykstra Greenhouses and Soul Rebel have a lot in common: independent, family owned and focused on quality. They make small batch, locally grown, and hand crafted cannabis products. From cutting lawns to trimming buds, Dykstra has a truly unique origin story. What started as a landscaping company three decades ago evolved into a greenhouse grower and is now a licensed cannabis producer. 

Dykstra’s new Lemon Pepper Spice Pre-Roll pack (purchase from Scarborough) was featured at the event and resonated strongly with attendees. One customer praised the mild indica high and said it accentuated their Spotify Wrapped playlist in the best possible way. 

Phyto Extractions

A legacy brand, Phyto Extractions uses natural formulations and rigorous testing standards to deliver award winning extracts to cannabis consumers. They also take their dab rig designs seriously, crafting hardware of uncompromising quality. One lucky attendee who purchased a raffle ticket couldn’t wipe the smile off their face as they walked away with a beautiful dab rig courtesy of Phyto.    

Just like Soul Rebel, Phyto Extractions is passionate about what they do, delivering quality, consistency, and an elevated customer experience.  

Dagga Labs

The 420 Bar: Dope Soap is infused with pure, cold-pressed hemp seed oil. Rich with omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, this soap has developed a dedicated following among its loyal consumers.

We were thrilled to offer samples at the event so guests could experience the potent hydrating power of Dope Soap. No psychoactive qualities, just smooth, healthy skin.  

Our Food Partners: Break N Wings and Somun Superstar

Break N Wings, located just a few metres west of us on Kingston Road, provided an array of delicious finger foods for our guests. Their diverse menu, featuring comfort food staples like burgers, nachos, and of course chicken wings, offers the perfect solution for those late night munchies. 

Somun Superstar is a bakery located across the street from our Beaches location. They specialize in Bosnian wood-fired bread used to create delectable sandwiches and pizza. They generously provided gift certificates for our raffle. 

A Big Thank You

To everyone who provided their time, energy, and products to make this event a success: we thank you. If you attended we hope you enjoyed the food, conversation, and loot bags featuring some of our favourite products. This is just the first of many community events to come. 

At Soul Rebel, cannabis is so much more than just a plant. It’s a tool: to ignite creativity, spark conversations, promote mindfulness, and ultimately bring people together.