In 2020, the Canadian market witnessed a remarkable growth of adult-use cannabis sales, which grew to 118% and amounted to $2.6 billion. This consumer pool is only expected to rise, and so are the suppliers.

However, identifying premium weed can be difficult because the market is saturated with low quality weed. While the characteristics of premium weed (like Blue Dream) are often on the label, it is not always easy to tell if it meets the best quality.

How the weed smells and feels is important to consider. Also, pay attention to the harvest date because freshness is vital when it comes to premium weed.

Luckily, you can find Premium Weed at Soul Rebel that will give you the best and most enjoyable high. Read on to learn more about the characteristics you should look for when purchasing Premium Weed.

    1. Premium Weed Has a Distinct Smell

When grown, harvested, dried, and cured under the ideal conditions, premium Weed like Blue Dream has a very distinct,  lovely aromatic smell. The timing of the harvest determines the smell and the taste of premium weed. Also, fresh weed has the ideal terpene content.

As for low-quality weed, the smell differs from that aromatic musk to little or no cannabis scent. Buds that exude odd smells that do not resemble pot mean that the weed was badly grown and dried improperly.

However, you should note that each strain smells differently. While Indica has a sweet and fruity smell, Sativa has a citrus-like smell. For you to differentiate between the two, you may need some practice.

    2. Structure of the Bud or Flower

While the buds of the Indica strain are dense and tightly packed, the buds of the Sativa strain are spaced further apart. However, farmers are now growing hybrid strains that contain traits of both Sativa and Indica.

Premium weed should be well-trimmed to maintain the ideal trichome content and to preserve the aesthetic value. The right trichome content is a reservoir of THC and helps protect cannabis from excessive sun, and keeps pests away. Trimming involves removing fan leaves which can lead to impotent marijuana.

While well-cultivated weed is aesthetically pleasing, poor quality weed has low-grade flowers and buds due to less care during post-harvest.

    3. Premium Weed Is Aesthetically Appealing

Like any healthy produce, the general outlook of premium weed should be aesthetically pleasing. High-quality cannabis should have a vibrant array of colors, and the appearance of trichomes should be easy to see.

Trichomes are crystal-like attachments and are responsible for the plant’s aroma , effects, and flavors. Therefore, premium weed needs to have the right amount of potent trichomes that are easily visible.

It is clearly substandard if the cannabis plant has a different appearance, such as discoloration or an abundance of stems and seeds. The reasons for discoloration can be a result of chemicals or weeds. Additionally, low-quality cannabis can be present in brown or lime green flowers.

    4. Premium Weed Has a Different Feel

Before purchasing weed, you should touch and feel the buds. They should be easy to break but not dry. Flowers should be slightly spongy, and a little bit sticky, and stems should snap. Also, buds shouldn’t be too wet or soft — such buds harbor mold.

Low-quality cannabis is dry to the touch and the bud may be too light or lack density. Also, substandard weed is easily breakable when being handled.

Factors To Consider When Looking for a Supplier for Premium Weed

With hundreds of legal cannabis stores in Canada, finding suitable suppliers for premium weed can be nerve-wracking. It would be best to research what they stock and the measures they take to ensure quality.

Also, you want to know if they have certain restrictions and meet the standards you expect. Below is the ultimate guide on how to choose the best supplier for premium weed.

    1. The Quality of Marijuana That They Sell

Before settling on one supplier, you need to know if the weed they sell is premium. 

Suppose you don’t know anything about the quality — you need first to read and understand characteristics that distinguish premium from substandard weed.

Also, consider going to fully-equipped stores that have experts who will help you make an informed decision. The best marijuana suppliers should source premium weed and have vast information on their stock.

    2. Accessibility

Consider choosing a marijuana dispensary that is in your vicinity. Given that there are limits to the amount of marijuana you can possess at a time, you need a dispensary that is easily accessible for you to replenish your supplies.

Also, buy from a licensed cannabis dispensary regardless of whether it is recreational or medical use. It is satisfying to know that the cannabis you are consuming is approved and tested by relevant authorities.

    3. Where They Get Their Supply

It’s advisable to know about the origin of the strains and how the budtenders obtain them. Strains  from nearby farms are always the freshest, which guarantees quality.

    4. Clients Feedback

When looking for the ideal dispensary for your supply, customer feedback on their websites will tell you all you need to know. If their customer service is top-notch, the clients will attest to that. Also, you’ll learn more about:

  • Quality of the weed
  • The expertise of the budtenders
  • The options they offer

    5. Cost

The only way to know if a dispensary offers reasonable prices is to research the average cost of premium weed in your area. You should consider a cannabis shop, such as Soul Rebel, that has comparable rates without compromising on quality and has a variety of premium products.

How Do You Store Your Premium Weed To Ensure That It’s Fresh?

Like everything else, even weed degrades over time. However, if stored under favorable conditions, it can last up to two years.

Before storing your weed, ensure that it is fully cured. This means drying your weed by hanging fresh weed in an open, clean, dry place for three to four days.

To prevent the terpenes and cannabinoids from degrading, quality buds can’t be too dry. Ensure your weed has the ideal moisture content, which is between 10 to 12 percent. Soul Rebel carries small humidity packs that keep your pot fresh. Remember to choose an airtight container for your weed and open the lid every few days to replace the humid air with fresh air.

Factors That Lead To Weed’s Degradation

  • Air: Air is essential during the curing process; it reduces your weed’s potency during storage.
  • Light: Overexposure to UV lights affects the quality of your weed.
  • Moisture: When you expose weed to humidity, you encourage mold growth, which is harmful to your health when consumed.
  • Heat: Extreme exposure to heat will cause your buds to dry out and the terpenes to diminish.

What Are the Best Ways To Store Your Weed?


To maintain the quality of weed at its best, you should consider the following storage techniques:

    1. Store Your Premium Weed in a Glass Jar With a Lid

The idea is to store your premium weed in an airtight environment to prevent external factors that encourage microbial growth. Glass jars are economical and efficient at keeping the air out. Consider jars with rubber-like seals as they shut easily and are airtight.

    2. Consider Vacuum Sealing

Seal your premium weed in bisphenol-free plastic bags to keep your buds fresh and healthy for a long time. They help keep your premium weed from moisture, which leads to the growth of molds.

    3. Don’t Add Any Other Substance to the Storage Jars or Vacuum Seals

If you want your premium weed to retain its potency, store it alone. Don’t add any fruits or veggies to the storage jars to add flavors or retain moisture. Any organic substance increases moisture which creates suitable breeding grounds for mold.

    4. Keep the Heat Away

The only way to ensure that the terpenes and cannabinoids are intact is to prevent overexposure to heat. This ensures that the aroma, flavor, and color are not affected. Generally, all you need is a dry environment. However, you should note that extreme cold will affect trichomes and degrade flavor and aroma.

    5. Put Your Weed in a Tinted Container To Keep Light Away

Exposing your weed to light is the main factor that leads to the loss of cannabinoids. Also, it leads to the oxidation of terpenes, hence interfering with your weed’s aroma and flavor. If you can’t store your containers in dark spaces, consider opaque jars.

Opaque jars, compared to mason jars, will keep UV light away.

Purchase Weed From the Best Budtenders

Apart from getting premium weed from the best cannabis dispensary, you must know the ideal conditions to store it. Now that you know how to store it well, please browse our inventory to see our great selection of products before you place your order. You can also contact us for inquiries — our team at Soul Rebel Cannabis will be happy to assist you!