Weed and the outdoors go together as well as… weed and music, movies, or food! What can we say, we like getting high!  But for some cannabis enthusiasts, there’s nothing more relaxing than getting outside and enjoying Mother Nature to her fullest with a little help from the herb. Lots of folks like sativa for activities and then some indica while sitting around the campfire at night and knocking back a couple of s’mores!

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Outdoor festivals are another great place to get outside and indulge in some cannabis while watching live performances or just perusing vendor tables at a local art fair. Or how about hitting Beer Fest or Jazz Fest? It’s a perfect way to enjoy the company of friends and family while getting some exercise and taking in a lovely summer day or evening.  Others enjoy a “little tickle” before a nice bike ride along a secluded trail, or maybe a paddle on a quiet lake while basking in the sun. Wrap up your day by watching the sunset on the dock with your special someone.  

So Many Options!

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The best part of enjoying cannabis outdoors is the fact you can usually smoke (if that’s your jam).  At a minimum you can hit a  vape on the DL and not offend anyone. But if neither of those are an option, you can always discretely enjoy a THC or CBD infused beverage or even some edibles.  At Soul Rebel Cannabis we have something for everyone! So stop by on your way to the beach or the cottage and we’ll be happy to make some recommendations that fit your outdoor lifestyle needs.  Be it pre-rolls, flower, drinks, or gummies, we’ve got you covered!

However you enjoy the outdoors, be sure to stay hydrated, wear sunscreen and enjoy cannabis products responsibly.