Wherever you want to purchase Scarborough weed, you can choose from one of the three types in the weed shop. There’s indica, sativa, and hybrids. It’s a good practice to evaluate the effect of different types of Cannabis in Scarborough before you buy. Once you understand the different strains and effects of the various Scarborough weed types, you can walk into a marijuana shop with confidence since you know what you want.


Sativa Strain

Cannabis sativa originates from the warmer parts of the globe like Southeast Asia, South and Central America. It is known to be more energizing but can produce anxiety in some people. Properties of sativa are as follows:

  • Sativa strains are tall and can grow up to 4.5 meters.
  • They have large narrow-bladed leaves.
  • They take a shorter time to blossom; that is, they can take a month or two to reach maturity.

Some examples of popular Sativa strains include; Kush, Haze, Sour Diesel, Jack Herer, Super Lemon Haze, and Purple Haze.


Indica is used to refer to weed strains that are associated with sedation and relaxation. In contrast to the Sativa strain, Indica varieties are bushy and short. Indica does well in harsh mountainous areas with cool but long summers. They flower earlier compared to Sativa. Indica is different than sativa in that:

  • Indica strains are shorter.
  • They are bushy.
  • Indicas have wider leaflets.

Because of their size, indica strains are preferred for indoor growth.

Hybrid Strains

Another weed strain you can find in any weed shop is the hybrid. It was produced by crossbreeding Sativa and Indica strains. Hybrid is the most common weed strain in the market. Hybrid weeds are produced by controlled crossbreeding aimed at producing the most favorable properties of Indica and Sativa.

Breeding has enabled users to experience the relaxing effects of indica and the energizing/uplifting effects of Sativa strains simultaneously.

Initially, there were only cannabis indica and cannabis sativa plants. However, crossbreeding has led to many hybrids.

Effects of Hybrid, Sativa and Indica Cannabis

CBD and terpenes are responsible for many of the effects of cannabis. These active components affect the body and mind by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system has receptors in the glands, organs, and central nervous system.

Cannabinoids affect many body functions like pain and inflammatory responses, appetite, absorption of food, sleep, and mood. CBD and THC are the best-known cannabinoids, with THC best known for its psychoactive effects.

For the past few years, CBD has attracted global attention due to its various wellness benefits. It allows one to enjoy the benefits of the cannabis plant without being high. Both indica and sativa have both CBD and THC. However, many believe that indica has more THC levels while sativa has more CBD.

Some Popular Strains Of Indica, Sativa, And Hybrid


Popular strains: the Afghan Kush and Organic Fire.

Hindu Kush
The Hindu Kush is a pure Indica; it is grown in the Hindu Kush mountain region between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The buds of this variant have a vibrant white shine along with a sweet aroma and a pine flavor. Hindu Kush is often one of the first marijuana plants to be used for hash.

Organic Fire
The green Organic Fire strain has dark leaves that appear inky black; they are organically grown Indica-dominant flowers with fire-red pistils. It has a subtle fruity sour flavor,an earthy, woody undertone, and a pleasant fruity aroma. It comes in chunky, dense buds covered in frosty trichomes. It is also called the potent strain of the OG Kush family.


Popular strains: Blue Dream and Apple Pie.

Blue Dream
Blue Dream is another Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is grown by crossing Haze and Blueberry. Many marijuana enthusiasts and veteran cannabis consumers love this variant because it smells and tastes similar to sweet berries. It originated in California and has an average CBD percentage; however, it is among the most popular West Coast strains!

Apple Pie
The Apple Pie is a Sativa-dominant strain that is a cross between the Acapulco Gold landrace and the Highland Nepalese landrace. Apple Pie has spear-like buds that appear orange in color and has a complex aroma with a sweet, woody, and fruity flavor.


Popular strains: Hybrid strains are categorized into Indica-dominant, Sativa-dominant, or balanced. Popular hybrids are – Strawberry Ice and UK Cheese.

Strawberry Ice
Strawberry Ice is a Sativa dominant hybrid; it is produced by crossing the Blueberry strain with an unknown Sativa dominant hybrid. It has a fruity flavor yet has a high THC content but low CBD content. It has large and highly dense buds that are perfect for a bright summer day.

UK Cheese
UK Cheese is a hybrid strain that has a high amount of THC but low levels of CBD. It is a cross between the genetics of Acapulco Gold, Columbian Gold, and Afghani Landrace. It has rich forest-green buds and orange pistils. UK Cheese hybrid strain is also famous for its spicy aroma with a hint of hops and cloves.

What Makes Cannabis Strains Unique?

Various elements make the three weed strains unique:

The level of CBD

CBD is the short form of cannabinoid, one of the chemical components of cannabis that interacts with the users’ bodies to produce various effects. The level of CBD and THC is a critical contrasting factor. For example, strains with more THC with little or no CBD are more psychoactive. On the other hand, a strain with CBD: THC of 2:1 is more relaxing and a more subtle high.


These are molecules with flavors and aromas. They further support CBD in producing brain and body effects. The different strains have varying terpene profiles. This makes the various strains of weed have varying aromas, effects, and flavors.

Environmental Conditions

Environmental conditions like nutrient levels can alter both CBD and terpene profiles. Therefore, strains were grown in different areas that have different levels of CBD and terpene.

How to Choose a Strain?

Before you walk into any weed shop, you should first understand what strain will meet your needs. There are several factors you must consider before purchasing Scarborough weeds.


The aroma or flavor of a strain depends on the level of terpene. There are various strains with different flavours so you can choose the one that you prefer.

The Effect of the Strain

Different people react to cannabis differently. Therefore, one is not always guaranteed that a particular strain will produce specific effects. Nevertheless, it would help if you tried a strain with a CBD or terpene profile that will likely produce the effect you desire.

For instance, you can go with a strain-containing lanolin case if you want a relaxing experience. On the other hand, if you want more intoxication, choose a strain with a higher THC content.

The potency of the strain

The potency of a cannabis strain is tied to the concentration of THC. If you desire an intense high, be sure to choose a more potent strain. Lower THC levels will generally get you less high.

Possible Medicinal Importance

Cannabis strains can have several wellness benefits. However, wherever you intend to use cannabis to treat a medical condition, consult your primary healthcare provider.


There are both pocket-friendly and high-end cannabis strains. There are a wide range of qualities and prices to choose from.  


Significance of Laboratory Testing

Different strains have their characteristics; thus, a lab will help you identify the characteristics wherever you need to choose a strain. The strain you acquire from a weed shop should undergo vigorous lab analysis to determine its CBD and terpene content.

A lab will also ensure the products aren’t contaminated with pesticides, fungicides, and other harmful chemicals. Some of the benefits of lab testing are:

  • Enhancing understanding of specific strains.
  • Lab analysis will help you identify the most appropriate strain for you.
  • Lab analysis ensures that all weed you use is safe.

Indica Sativa Terminology and How It Needs to Change

The current use of the terms sativa and indica is probably more harmful than beneficial. Although they help farmers distinguish between the two cannabis plants, they are overused as a way to predict the effect of each type of strain.

The terms should evolve since the effects of the cannabis plant are more complex than these two terms suggest. We need to dig deeper and understand what causes the differences in effect between strains, which also vary as they are applied to different people. According to science, there is no evidence to warrant using the terms indica and sativa to predict the effects of cannabis.

Instead of using the sativa-indica terminology, we should instead use chemical profiles, consumption methods, and user tolerance. By understanding tolerance, dosage, chemical profile, and the method of consumption, you can easily choose an appropriate strain.

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